Who We Are

GL Capital is an investment firm that specializes in China’s healthcare industry, the world’s second largest healthcare market with ongoing investment opportunities arising from structural reforms, aging population and improving access to healthcare.

GL Capital’s team consists of experienced investment professionals with diverse background in healthcare corporate management, investment banking, private equity, consulting and operations, who work together to achieve superior and consistent returns for the firm’s investors.

What We Do

GL Capital invests in companies that possess long-term sustainable competitive advantages and seeks to unlock value potential  with like-minded, visionary management teams. We take pride in being strategic partners instead of just financial investors to leading companies in China’s healthcare industry.

Our team’s strong operating experience and deep industry background enable us to speak the same language as entrepreneurs and offer our value-add through every step of the corporate growth journey. With our hands-on approach working alongside management teams, we are able to develop proprietary insights into the dynamic competitive landscape, ever-changing regulations and evolving market opportunities. We minimize risk through organizational discipline and maximize value through our proven value creation framework.

Our Value Creation

GL Capital is committed to creating value for our portfolio companies. Our value proposition makes us a partner-of-choice for China’s healthcare entrepreneurs.

We have proven capability and resources to support our portfolio companies in the following key areas:
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